How to control your diet during the holiday season!

Ask me what my favorite food is and hands down it's mashed potatoes and gravy! Not exactly the best dish for my goals. Family dinners around holiday's and diets don't go hand in hand. You don't want to offend anyone, you don't want to miss out on delicious food, and you don't to ruin your waistline. Here are some simple tips to allow to indulge without ruining your hard-work: 1. Smart Appetizers.  Lots of veggie trays in the hors d'oeuvres departments. You are still being social and mingling, still partaking in the appetizers, but you are being smart. Cheese is another great appetizer option. Fats make you feel full, so you'll be less likely to over eat. 2. Sparkling water. Its bubbly and fizzy, so there will be less peer pressure to drink. Alcohol not only is empty calories, but it lowers inhibitions making it easier to over eat. 3. Avoid processed meats. Processed meats will make you feel like a stuffed goose the next day. Preservatives will cause you to retain unwanted water. Stick to turkey, chicken, and fish. Leave the ham and sausages to others. 4. Veggies the main star. Fill dinner plate with healthy veggies. Green beans, brussel sprouts, salad, or whatever token healthy food your family provides should be the star of your plate. This leaves room for a healthy portion of turkey, and only a taste of potatoes and yams. 5. Dessert. Make smart choices and you can still enjoy dessert! Choose Pumpkin pie over the corn syrup laden Pecan pie. And don't forget the whipped cream! Remember, family is the reason you are together not food. Enjoy each others company and hospitality. Never take for granted the time you have together. None of us are promised tomorrow, so enjoy today!