How to Beat the Craving Monster!

When making the transition to a full fledged clean eating machine, there is without a doubt numerous road blocks that will get in your way that you WILL HAVE to overcome to reach your goals. The big one is cravings! Yes they do exist in many shapes and sizes and they don’t just come out at night. They can come out anytime and anywhere. They are patiently waiting to destroy your dreams of being fit and reaching your potential.

Everyone has been through it. You eat clean all day, your doing great and feeling good and then all of the sudden, the craving monster hits and before you know it you are asking yourself if you just went temporarily insane. You just ate something you shouldn’t have.

So how do you beat the craving monster? Here are a few simple methods I have used that have been very successful.
  1. Sugar Free Gum-It’s cheap and very effective and very satisfying.
  2. Mouth Wash/Brush teeth often-When you eat, food particles get stuck in your teeth and later on your tongue comes into contact with the food particles. Once this happens, your hunger bells goes off and hello cravings monsters.
  3. Grapefruit juice-Take a swig of grapefruit juice. It is very strong and gives your mouth a shock of taste that stomps out the cravings.

Yes the craving monster does exist, but your will and your desire to be stronger and better also exist. On the way to reaching your goals you need to do the little things that make the big difference. These three simple tips are little, but can help you be very successful!