Hemodraulix – Part 2

There is a specific type of NE2 in Hemodralix called Arginine Ethyl Ester Di-HCl it is resistant to chemical breakdown and easily absorbed in the digestive track therefore it is the best and is more effective in smaller doses than other nitric oxide product. The Arachidonic Acid in Hemodraulix helps to increase blood flow, oxygen and assisting with glucose uptake. Remember the more blood flow and glucose you can get into those muscles the bigger the pump. It also contains Beta Alanine which assists in prevention of muscle fatigue, weakness and physical exhaustion. Not only are you going to get a pump in those muscles but it is going to last longer and you going to have way more muscular endurance.Remember more blood flow lead to bigger pumps and more endurance is going to make you workout harder in return breaking down those muscles so they will need some serious recovery time to repair and change.


I started taking Hemodraulix in July this past year while I was preparing for a figure competition.When dieting for a show many people decrease there carbohydrate intake.Stored glycogen in the muscles comes from carbohydrates.If you are on a low carbohydrate diet you are not going to get as much of a pump in your muscles while training.Not only did I notice that I was still getting a huge pump during my workouts but I also saw improvements in my physique.The first time I did an arm workout after taking the supplements I was extremely surprised at swollen my arms were.I have tried numerous different NO products and I can honestly say there was nothing like it.Another plus is that there is absolutely no caffeine so if I wanted to do my workout at night I could take my Hemodraulix.I recommend it to all my clients and friends at the gym and have gotten so great feedback.If you haven’t tried this supplement I can guarantee you will not be disappointed!