Hemodraulix – Part 1

One of my favorite supplements made by Axis Labs is called Hemodraulix.Hemodraulix is a Nitric Oxide Product used to enhance bigger muscles pumps and endurance.Being a bodybuilder myself I would like to talk about my firsthand experience using the products.There are so many different supplements on the market today it is hard to know what really works.I would never recommend anything without trying it first so you are going to get my personal review combined with the feedback of my clients.


I want to breakdown the ingredients in Hemodraulix in laymen’s Terms first so we are all on the same page. Nitric Oxide is a derivative or L- Arginine which is an amino acid. It increases protein synthesis and stimulates muscle growth. Basically it is considered a Vasodilator meaning it helps to expand and dilate the blood vessels. When you are pumping your guns if your blood vessels are dilated then more blood is going to get into the muscle. Therefore you are going to get a bigger pump. If the muscular pump is bigger then chances are that you just broke down those muscle fibers a little bit more than you normally would have. Muscle breakdown leads to recovery and the more your body has to recover from the workout the more likely you are to change make changes in you physique.