Heavy Compound Movements, When Should I Be Doing Them?

I have changed my workout routines more times than I could ever recall, I like changing things up often because I feel like my body starts to adapt and I don't feel like I am pushing quite as hard as I would like to. Maybe I increase my rep range, increase the frequency in which I train a certain body part, or go the opposite way and give myself more time to recover.

One thing that I have been consistent on is when I perform my heavier compound movements. In my opinion the best time is first towards the beginning of your workout week. I say workout week because not everyone works a Monday through Friday job and their workout schedule can vary and include the weekend. Towards the end of the week I will perform lighter training sessions as my energy drops and I need a few rest days.

Second I perform my heavy compound movements at the beginning of my workout, not the end. You would think this is an obvious thing to do but you would be surprised. The point is you have more energy at the beginning of your workout to really hit heavy weight from the start. Save your smaller, lighter movements for the end of your workout.