Get Outside and Get Your Cardio On!

Cardiovascular activity! A few words that when some hear, they get excited at the thought of getting their heart rate up and breathing really hard, burning calories, strengthening the most important muscle, the heart.

Than there are others like myself that cringe when they hear the word cardio. In my mind I immediately visualize a treadmill, stair master, elliptical machine along with a boring gym environment.

My advice during this time of the year, take your cardio outside! The weather is warmer, the sun is out, the skies are blue, and there are plenty of opportunities to burn calories besides in a gym on a piece of cardio equipment. Why spend time staring at a TV watching re-runs when you could be staring out at a landscape or up at a big blue sky enjoying the beauties nature has to offer.

My top Cardio burning activities outside the gym:
hiking/walking (pulling my kids in their wagon)
yard work
sprints on grass with my shoes off
bike riding
golfing p
laying basketball


Other ideas
8. roller blading
9. canoeing/rowing
10. tennis Take advantage of this summer season, this window of opportunity to break up the boring cardio gym sessions.  Get outside and burn some fat along with getting a little tan while your at it!

        Table Rock hike 1