For The Working Man: How to Eat Healthy On The GO!

Part II

-Victoria Piscopo

. Planning your meals for the week will help you cut down your time. If you have a place to keep your food at work like a refrigerator, then you’ll have more options of what types of food you will be able to prepare. Keep a food journal---that way you can track your habits. It’ll help keep you from eating things that you know you should not---you’ll think twice about it because you have to write it down. Start by eating clean foods, nothing processed. . Stock up on fruits like apples, blueberries, and strawberries. You want lean meats like chicken, lean beef, lean ground turkey, and fish. Keep available raw almonds and unsweetened peanut butter. Carbs should come from veggies, squash, beans, yams, brown rice, and whole grains. To make it easy, go get a couple of shakers and a container of protein like Axis Labs Clutch Whey Protein (my client’s favorite flavor is Cookies and Cream). Put your serving size in the dry shakers and take it with you. It is now your morning or evening snack for after your work out, or your snack between meals. . Think about the choices you’re making when you go out to lunch with your co-workers---if you just had a heavy work out in the morning, eat a small portion of rice with a protein and vegetables. Sushi is always a great after work out food. (NOT THE TEMPURA OR FRIED SUSHI! You know better.) Bring fruit to work and eat a handful (about 20) of raw almonds in between meals and meetings. . Keep a jar of unsweetened peanut butter at work and eat it with an apple or celery (about 2 table spoons). At night for dinner, cut down on your carb intake (unless you had a heavy night workout, then a small carb portion is good).  Salad with protein and veggies are better at night because carbs will turn to sugar while you’re laying there sleeping not able to use it for energy. . With a little planning ahead and picking the right foods and portions, you’ll see results within weeks. Resulting in higher energy, lower body fat, leaner muscle mass, and a new found respect about how you treat your body. Priceless.