Exercise/Movement Focus-Bent over 1 Arm Dumbbell Row

Variations- Double Bent Over Dumbbell Row, Bent Over Barbell Row, T Bar Row Muscle Targeted-Upper and middle back along with biceps.   [embed]https://youtu.be/9bQhp22zOQ0[/embed]   How to perform-Place your knee and hand on a bench opposite from the side you will be pulling the dumbbell vertically upward.  Grasp the dumbbell and pull upward vertically towards your rib cage and hip.  Your elbow should reach a 90 degree angle in which you pause briefly and squeeze your lats.  Lower the weight back down slowly feeling the negative going all the way down so your arm is fully extended back to the starting position.  Focus on not letting your back round and maintain good posture. Keep your arm tight against your body and keep your shoulder from flaring out. As I get heavier I use my Versa Grips and my Aesthreadics custom weight lifting belt.