Exercise is boring

A lot of the time I hear people say that they find exercise boring. Many people do not enjoy lifting weights and dislike spending time on the cardio machines. Strength training isn’t for everyone. There are many different forms of strength training. Instead of going into the weight room and pumping iron, you can join a strength training class. Having others in the room working hard can motivate you and having an instructor can give you an extra push. If you like the outdoors, you can do an outdoor boot camp or go for a hike. Playing sports is another way to get your cardio vascular system working and gain some strength. Please don’t limit yourself or be caught in the mindset that you have to follow a specific routine to get in shape. Try bringing a book with you for your cardio workout or have a friend come along so you can chat. Make it your time to think about the things you want to focus on and accomplish! Life is so busy today and we all need time to be alone with our thoughts. Try to think of exercising as less of a chore and more like an opportunity to improve your overall health and become a better you! Once you start seeing your hard work pay off, it will become more enjoyable to workout.