Everytime I start working out, I get sick

Our bodies naturally try to adapt to everything we do which includes adapting to an unhealthy lifestyle. Most people do not take proper care of their bodies but would like to. A great way to start taking better care of your body is to workout. Decide it is time to start making some positive changes and hit the gym full force. The first week, you will feel great about yourself for working so hard. Week two you may start to feel a little tired but you are still training hard to accomplish your new goal. Week three you may feel terrible: your body is sore, you are tired, and you are starting to get a sore throat. Now you may think, “What is going on because I thought working out was supposed to be good for my body?” A lot of things may have happened. Those changes you made to work out regularly and attain your goals may have caused you to get less rest. You may possibly be overtraining. Your body is not used to that. Also, there are a lot of germs in the gym that you may need to build immunity to. Your body will need time to adapt to your new lifestyle changes. Take your time and let yourself get used to exercising. Proper rest, recovery and vitamins are an essential part of the process. Set small goals for yourself and reward yourself when you accomplish them! Remember, change is a process and it doesn’t happen overnight!!! If you get sick in those first couple of weeks, don’t get discouraged. STAY WITH IT!