Drop it Like it’s Hot!


Drop it like it like it’s hot!
Drop Sets-

What is a typical mistake many people make when trying to cut body fat, and lose weight with higher volume reps? The answer is, they use lighter weight or too light of weight.

The goal when lifting weights is to break down the muscle to allow for growth. When you are going too light, you are not stimulating the muscle enough, you are short changing and limiting yourself.

My remedy for fix this problem is using drop sets as well as supersets.

My goal is ALWAYS lift as heavy as possible while completing the repetition with proper form, as well as hitting my set of desired repetitions. Drops sets allow me to do this as well as maintaining muscle mass while cutting body fat. This strategy also allows for the opportunity to stimulate muscle growth for adding muscle.

What do drop sets look like: For example if my repetition range is 15 reps on incline dumbbell chest press, I will start with heavier weights and drop every 5 reps with no break in between drops. So I might start at 145 pounds , then drop to 120 pounds, then 100 pounds by the last 5 reps. Why would I drop so much at the end? Because by the last 5 reps I am gassed out and I might even drop more than that depending on how fatigue I am.

Super sets-

Another approach I will use is I will combine two to three exercise and rotate through them. For example if I am on back and biceps for the day I would complete wide grip lateral pull down for 10 reps, then immediately walk over to barbell curls for 10 reps as well back to back. Again using as heavy as weight as I can.

Using these two different strategies also increases my heart rate and allows for more calories to be burned. So not only are you completing a weight training session, you are also getting a cardiovascular workout as well.

Make sure to give yourself enough rest time in-between sets to allow for your heart rate to go back down. The reason for this is because if your heart rate is too high for too long you risk burning off hard earned muscle instead of body fat. I recommend 2-3 min breaks between supersets and 1-2 min between drop sets. Of course everyone is a different levels and you may want to increase your weight time if you are just starting out, or if you are in great shape, decrease your weight time.