Cottage Cheese Epidemic – Part 1

Now that we’re into July, it’s summer time, which means it’s getting hotter and hotter everyday. During “prime time” the gym is packed, and even with the AC blaring it still manages to feel like a sauna with all those bodies packed into there. One simple solution to staying cool — whether it’s in the gym, outdoors, or wherever you spend your time — is to wear less clothing, which results in exposing more of your bod. Sounds great, right? Especially for all you guys out there that want to keep your testostrone levels high while getting your pump on — what’s better than watching the girl in the booty shorts with the really nice legs doing some lunges?

When you walk into the gym you see all different types of physiques and body types. A woman can be skinny, muscular, athletic, thick, thin or anything inbetween. There are many different body types, but one thing tends to stand out on any woman regardless of her shape. There is a very unpleasant looking layer of fat that tends to accumpulate on about 90% of all woman at one point of there lives. It likes certain regions like the thighs, butt, and stomach and it looks someone stuck a couple of servings of cottage cheese under the skin. This dreaded trait is called — you know it — cellulite, which is something most woman get at one point or another, and many of them hate and would love to get rid of it.

Recently, I was in the dressing room with a girlfriend at Nordstrom, and watched her checkout the bottom of her butt in a terribly lit mirror. I could tell by her body language that she wasn’t about to purchase that very nice fitting pair of short shorts and could see the discomfort wash over her face as she glared at her backside. In her eyes she lacked the perfection she was striving for on her *almost* perfectly sculpted body. I hear woman in their 20’s talk about never wanting to put on a bathing suit again due to issues like this! Woman in the gym are covering up there legs when it is 100 degrees in there! I asked myself why, as well as the following questions:

1. What’s causing it?
2. Who gets it?
3. Can you prevent it?
4. Do certain things make it worse or better?
5. Can you get rid of it?

I wasn’t doing my research because I saw someone with dimples on there legs and thought, “Ewww.. nasty! Put some clothes on.” I’m sure we can agree that it’s usually not the most beautiful thing to look at, but we are all human and have imperfections. If physical issues add to our stress, lack of confidence or poor self image, then we should try to take care of them for those reasons alone. I wanted some answers for myself and I wanted to help my friends, clients, and any of you ladies that struggle with your appearance. Anything to make life easier and to get us looking and feeling better — I am game!

I am doing my research now and will have answers for all of you soon -- stay tuned to my next blog. Get rid of the Cottage Cheese Epidemic Part 2!