Carbohydrate Timing

Out of the three macronutrients, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, do you know which one is the only non essential for our bodies to survive and thrive? Yup carbohydrates. Because of this many people believe that carbs are the devil. That if I eat too many carbs I will be fat. To an extent they are right. If you eat the wrong types of carbs at the wrong times your body will not utilize them and instead you will be contributing to fat gain. carbohydrates-300x194 It has been about a month since my last competition. To be honest even after competing now for 4 years post show blues come into play and I struggle a little bit with what to do next with my training and diet. I have struggles with transitioning back into regular life and maintaing a healthy lifestyle. I have struggled with how exactly to incorporate carbs back into my diet. Thankfully my trainer Jon Buttner keeps me in check and puts things into perspective. Just today he reminded me of the importance of timing my carbohydrates to when my body will utilize those carbs I am putting into my body. The three times that I make sure I am taking carbs into my body are: 1. First thing in the morning You have been in a fastened state throughout the night and your body is up and ready to start the day. You need to jump start your metabolism and energy levels with carbs. My favorite breakfast carb, oatmeal with sugar free syrup and cinnamon. chai-oatmeal-xl     2. Pre workout   Sma5hWhen you are going into your workout your goals is to Sma5h it! To go into your workout with intensity and drive. You wouldn't take a road trip without first filling your gas tank. You wouldn't piss in your gas tank either and expect your car to run efficiently. Your body is no different, you put good fuel into your body and it will respond in a positive way. 3. Post workout NgageYou have just killed your workout, broken down muscle and depleted your bodies glycogen. Not to put something into your body to help with recovery, something to spike your insulin levels and replenish your glycogen levels and stimulate muscle repair and growth. Carbs and protein are the answer. You wouldn't try to build a structure without a foundation, without wood, insulation, and so forth. Point being materials are needed to build muscle, you can't build something out of nothing.   My favorite post workout meal, protein shake with BCAA's and gummy bears. Yes gummy bears! I thank Mr. Jim Stoppani PhD and editor of Muscle and Fitness Magazine, for that nugget of advice. Gummy bears are made up of dextrose which helps your body replenish and rebuild quickly. Gummy bears are a fast digesting carb and your body absorbs this carb quicker than other. He also recommends pixie sticks. I have included the link below if you would like to read further about this concept.   To sum it up, eat carbs but eat them wisely and precisely in the time that your body WILL use them. Your bodies preferred energy source is carbs, give your body those carbs when it needs them and you will get the results you are wanting as well as maintain what you have worked so hard to get.