Blood Sugar Matters – Article 1 – Diet

This is a subject not many worry about nor take the time to care about. This is very unfortunate as blood sugar plays a vital role in your weight gain or weight loss. Studies have reported that even in healthy people high blood sugar after meals can over time damage the body. Blood sugar effects everyone. It should concern you even if you are thin and healthy, and especially if you don’t get enough exercise or carry extra weight around your middle.

When you eat a big meal, especially one with a lot of starchy or sugary foods, the food makes its way through your stomach and intestines and then is converted into glucose, the main fuel for your muscles and even your brain. Boom! You now created instant energy. However, a big starchy meal can give the body more glucose than it needs. In fact, it can raise blood sugar levels twice as much as another, healthier meal would.

If you eat a big pile of french fries or something of that nature, your body has to deal with a serious flood of blood sugar. What happens now is your body reacts by pumping out too much insulin. May be even more insulin if you are overweight. The extra insulin will bring the blood sugar down way too far. It sticks around and does this for hours. Your body then can fall into a semi-starved state. This can cause your blood sugar to be even lower than it was before you ate the meal. Your body knows that your blood sugar is low so it reverses everything and spits out hormones that raise blood levels of sugars and fats. The really bad part about all of this is now your brain is sending signals that you are hungry. Whether you ate more calories than you even needed at lunch doesn’t matter. Your body is so low on sugar if thinks you need food. Now everything in front of you looks appetizing.

The best way to avoid all of this is just to start eating the right type of foods. Foods like white rice, white bread, potatoes, and sugary drinks seem to be the biggest cause of these type of reactions. You can keep your blood sugar at healthy levels by eating more wheat and oat carbohydrates. Those of you with a “spare tire” around your middle are most likely having problems controlling your blood sugar. This spare tire will fall off very fast if you learn to manage your blood sugar correctly.

There is a great deal of studies proving a direct link to many forms of cancer that our society experience and get diagnosed with everyday. That subject is going to be discussed in a later article. 3 Articles will be written on the subject:

Blood Sugar Matters Article

1: Diet Article

2: Workout Article

3: Cancer

Article 2 is due to be posted by July 9th.