Back from blog coma. What’s shaking? What’s new and on the horizon?

Hello Axis Labs community of bloggers. First and foremost I need to apology for my slacking in regards to blogging. I maintain my Facebook fan page, Instagram, and bodyspace daily but have made the mistake of not utilizing this website as often as I should. My apology given, hopefully accepted and ready to move forward back into the wonderful world of blogging.

So what's new and now the horizon? I am currently prepping for my very first NPC physique show on Nov 8th here in Idaho. "Idaho Muscle". I have been debating for awhile if I wanted to make the change and I finally got the courage up to commit and make the change. I will be 37 in Feb so I guess better late then never. ;-) This will be a mind shift for me as it will be hard to not give into the urge to hit a side chest or double bicep pose. Rather putting my hand on my hip...

As I have begun my prep I of course went back to the drawing board. I asked myself what are the difference between the two sports. What strengths and weaknesses do I have and what do I need to do to better prepare for physique. I think going through this process is so important whenever you are getting ready to set goals for yourself. Being honest about your areas of weakness.

I have size, check, shoulders, calves, arms chest, but ahh the abdominals. In physique in my opinion abdominals are one of the most important areas to have dialed in.

My abs are not by any means horrible but I definitely need to improve in this area. My game plan, hit the hard and frequently. Diet of course plays into this process as well but like any muscle they need to be hit hard to really develop. Hitting all sides and throughout my whole core.

In regards to all the other parts of my body, I will continue to train like a bodybuilder. Lifting heavy and hard! That's part of the fun of this whole lifestyle. The gym is my therapy, my stress release. That won't change no matter if I have a posing suit on or swim trunks.