As Good As I Once Was, How To Naturally Help Boost Your Testosterone Levels By Axis Labs Athlete Josh Black

As Good As I Once Was, How To Naturally Help Boost Your Testosterone Levels By Axis Labs Athlete Josh Black
As my 36th birthday quickly approaches, I have been reflecting on my life and particularly my age and getting older. The other day I was driving home and listening to the radio. As I have gotten older I have become a big country music fan, a far cry from my younger days filled with rap and heavy metal. I of course still listen to those stations too.
This particular day I was listening to Toby Keith's hit song, "As Good As I Once Was". I love the lyrics particularly the chorus, "I ain't as good as I once was, I got a few years on me now, but there was a time, back in my prime when I could really lay it down". I know there are times I find myself saying "I used to be able to". My message for myself and for everyone else, STOP! Forget your past success and look to huge future, look to your current goals and the things you are achieving now.
In many ways I am better now than I was 10 years ago. For starters I am in better physical shape than I was 10 years ago, I am more knowledgeable about how I can live a healthy lifestyle and therefore my quality of life has improved significantly. I have more energy, my goals are clear, and I'm more excited than ever to achieve them.
Indeed knowledge and experience is powerful, but that doesn't change the reality that I am getting older and my body is changing. The gym to me is truly the fountain of youth. With that being said there are things I can do to slow down Father Time a bit.
In men testosterone levels peak at age 20 and decline at the rate of about 1% each year after. Testosterone is so important to men because it helps with sexual drive, bone density, muscle strength, and overall energy. Yes levels decline but you still have normal testosterone levels that need to be maintained. Low testosterone levels affect more than 10 million men in the United States alone.
Here are a few ways to help keep your testosterone levels and boost them as well.
1. Supplementation-
For myself I take two products that help boost my testosterone levels naturally, Axis Labs HypeTEST,  the men's multivitamin Endoshield, and the testosterone modulator Myodex. See the two links below for further product details.
2. Compound Movements-

Exercises such as squats, dead lifts, and power clings, are all demanding compound movements that help to drive your anabolic rate and provide a larger hormonal response. I recommend doing a warmup and then heading strait to these heavier compound movements at the start of your workout. They require much more energy and you will maxi is your lifts if you hit them when you are fresh. When I plan my workouts they are centered around those lifts.
  3. Eat Healthy Fats-

Some examples of healthy fats: eggs, almonds, pistachios, and avocado. Eating these fats will help promote healthy fat loss but also keep cholesterol levels high enough, no too high, to promote testosterone production.
      4. Eat Your Veggies-
Eating vegetables helps your body to remove estrogen from your body. As you meal plan center your meals around what vegetables you will include. I do this with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I am also a big fan of the bullet blender and chopping my veggies up into a veggie cocktail.
5. Sleep-
Men who get 7-8 hours of sleep have shown to have higher testosterone levels.
a study published in the University of Chicago showed that men who averaged just 5 hours of sleep or less experienced a drop in testosterone levels of 10-15 percent. (E,Cauter) Go to bed early, wake up early reading to conquer the day. A few years ago I would have laughed if you told me that I needed to wake up early every morning and go to the gym. Now I look forward to it. I enjoy the quiet hours in the morning eating my breakfast and mentally preparing for the day before I go to the gym and hit my workout.
Are these tips new? No, but I am always having to remind myself of what works and what doesn't work, what moves me towards achieving my goals, and what doesn't.