Amino Acid – Part 2

Amino Acids build the proteins that are essential to help the human body to function properly. Different amino acids have different roles in our body such as transporting vitamins, minerals, and oxygen to our cells. A healthy diet of lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and good fats will provide the body with most of the essential amino acids. Things like chicken, fish, eggs, dairy products, beef, beans, peas, soy, nuts, and seeds are rich in amino acids.

An important supplement to take especially if you are an athlete or someone who wants to maximize their results in the gym is Branch Chain Amino Acids. BCAA’s consists of 3 very essential amino acids leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These 3 amino’s are important because they are metabolized in our muscles and combined together to enhance performance, prevent muscle breakdown, and assist in growth and recovery. Anyone would benefit from taking amino acids whether you are the Average Joe just wanting to workout and stay healthy, or you are a Serious Bodybuilder trying to get leaner, bigger, or you just want to protect your hard earned LBM. In order to lose body fat or weight, you need to burn more calories then you are consuming. If you don’t have the food to assist the body in recovering from a challenging workout, then BCAA’s will help your body to recover and protect the lean mass that you already have. The body will naturally try to use muscle as fuel after it has burned through all your stored glycogen (carbohydrates). Usually the goal is to try to burn fat and protect the muscle. If you are eating a low carbohydrate diet than your body utilizes the glycogen stores quickly but if you are taking BCAA’s, your body will convert the aminos into energy and utilize them before it starts burning lean muscle.

In order to help the absorption of BCAA’s, Axis Labs has added a key ingredient called Ethyl Ester to out BCAA’s. Normally when the BCAA’s pass through the GI tract a very large percentage of the amino’s are broken down before they can enter the bloodstream. When adding Ethyl Ester to the BCAA’s it slows down the rapid breakdown and gives the body more time to absorb a larger amounts. If you take your workouts seriously, and you want reensure that you are getting the maximum results that your body is capable of then BCAA's is the way to go.