Alysha’s No Fuss, 6-Day Nutrition Driven Cleanse

If you’re reading this you’ve definitely heard of juice cleanses before or even possibly tried them. Doing a juice cleanse can help unleash the natural healing power of your body by ridding built up toxins. With that being said, there are hundreds of “cleanses” out there and too be honest; most of them are not nutritionally driven (which the body responds the best too) or require a million combinations just to make an ounce of juice. I’ve researched and taken years to develop what I consider the Best Nutritionally Driven Cleanse as well as an easy way to navigate through the process.

Alysha’s 1 Week Cleanse

When to start? I suggest trying a cleanse after returning from travel, illness, or even if you’ve fallen off the wagon for a couple weeks. I don’t suggest trying a cleanse if you’re training intense. A juice cleanse requires minimal workouts for the week to not overstress the body. What’s First? A 3 DAY PRE CLEANSE is best before starting your cleanse on day 1.
  • Drink 8 glasses of water each day.
  • Eliminate artificials, processed foods, alcohol, and stick to general clean eating
Day 1-3 Of Your Cleanse:
  • Start your day with a class of lemon water, on top of your 8 glasses of water.
  • Drink 6 juices per day in 2 hour increments.
  • Avoid vigorous exercise; walking, yoga, general housework is suitable during this time.
  • Eliminate any supplements other than fish oil and a multivitamin.
Day 4 of Your Cleanse:
  • Add 3 servings of fruits, and 5 servings of starch vegetables to your juice diet.
Day 5 of Your Cleanse:
  • Continue with fruit and starch vegetables added to your juice.
  • Add in organic nuts, and gluten free grains at this point; 2 servings of each.
Day 6 of Your Cleanse:
  • Continue servings of fruits, starch vegetables, juice, nuts, and gluten free grains at this point.
  • Add 4 servings of organic meats and proteins into your diet.
Day 7 of Your Cleanse:
  • Allow 3 servings of juice in your diet today.
  • Continue servings of fruits, starch vegetables, nuts, gluten free grains, and organic meat.
3 Days Post of Your Cleanse:
  • Return gradually to eating solid foods after your juice cleanse. During these days follow a diet similar to your pre cleanse days.
  • Light exercise may be added back to your routine.
Check back next week as I share my recipe for my favorite juices, as well as an example of my juice cleanse food menu.