5 Reasons I’m Addicted to N’Ergized N’Gage Amino Bubblegum Grape

We all know the foundation to a solid physique is training, diet and supplementation - all of which are not always easy. If they were easy, Trainer Mike would be out of a job! But as athletes, the best tools are those that effortless or even fun to do.
Now as supplement industry has slightly moved from products that were nearly impossible to choke down 20 years ago, we're getting much better. At Axis Labs, we're down right damn good at it. Take N'Ergized N'Gage Bubblegum grape for example. I don't just supplement with it - I need it. And here are 5 good reasons why:
1. It's completely replaced my coffee during the day. Any excuse to avoid coffee is a good one. It stains your teeth, gives you bad breath and is poisonously acid. N'Ergized N'Gage has 150mg of caffeine per serving, giving ample kick to keep those mental juices flowing throughout the workday.
2. It tastes great and is refreshing! I've never been crazy about grape flavored supplements. Mostly because they are too sweet, making them very specifically flavored to a select group of consumers.
3. Amino-Sorb not only buffers the stomach, improving the life value of the aminos in your stomach, bromelain helps breakdown other proteins in your diet to become more anabolic.
4. AjiPure amino acids are not made from HUMAN HAIR! I've heard this doesn't bother some people, and those people are called "weirdos!" Consuming human hair may not be cannibalism, but it's not far off.
5. And the last, but no brainer is: N'Gage Amino is Anabolic, Anti-Catabolic and Improves Recovery.
Advancing your physique doesn't get any easier. http://axislabs.com/products/nergized-ngage.php