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Fat Bomb is a Delicious Ketogenic Product that Helps Your Body Naturally Produce More Ketones!

Let’s face it: Sugar and processed carbs are making us fatter and have been for decades. While many mainstream fitness “experts” may tell you that carbs are great sources of energy for enhancing performance, they pale in comparison to healthy fats.

So, why fuel your body with nutrients it does not use optimally?

Not only is the organic grass-fed beef fat in this ketogenic product one of the best natural sources of lasting energy, but it provides a complete spectrum of essential nutrients (including collagen peptides from organic grass-fed beef bone broth) for hundreds of physiological processes throughout your body; carbohydrates (sugars), on the other hand, are not essential.

In other words: Carbs are kinda lame.

This makes Fat Bomb ideal for those on the keto diet and anyone who needs a quick and satisfying pick-me-up when they feel an energy slump coming on. Plus, our Fat Bomb keto supplement comes in a delicious Chocolate Coconut Caramel Cookie flavor that is sure to please your taste buds. Try adding it to your morning or afternoon coffee for a ketogenic fuel boost you won't find in any other nutritional supplement!


Fat Bomb gives your body the optimal fuel it needs for all-day performance. Whether you’re an elite athlete, a desk jockey, a weekend warrior, a day laborer, a student, a recreational gym-goer, or someone who just wants an energy boost that lasts, this supplement to increase ketosis for you. One serving is all it takes to help you feel more energetic and satiated so you can focus and stop worrying about food cravings.

If you’ve eaten carbs for most of your life, chances are you’re used to settling for things like sugary sports drinks and grain-based snacks for energy. We all know that awful feeling of having a blood sugar swing shortly after eating, which usually leaves you glued to the couch and lethargic.

That’s no way to live (nor is it conducive to having a good workout or productive day at the office).

Eliminating sugar is the key. While the transition to a low-carb diet can be a little tricky at times, ketogenic products like Fat Bomb can help make the process much easier and more efficient by giving your body the perfect blend of ingredients for supporting ketosis in both newbies to the keto diet and those who are already veterans of the carb-less lifestyle.


Fat Bomb provides over 400 essential fatty acids and MCTs from organic grass-fed beef fat which are easy-to-digest and readily absorbed, providing long-lasting, smooth energy for tissues throughout the brain and body.(1) Fat Bomb is the ideal supplement to increase ketosis and enhance performance for hours on end, all without the side effects of blood sugar swings that many people experience after eating starchy foods and sugar.

But we didn’t stop there, as Fat Bomb also contains grass-fed bone broth for anti-aging benefits and a synergistic edge you won’t find in any other keto supplement.(2) Even better, this keto supplement is absolutely delicious and you’ll swear you’re eating an actual cookie when you taste it (all without the guilt, of course).


Fat Bomb contains the ideal macros for increasing ketosis, packing 20 grams of fat, 8 grams of protein, and less than 1 gram of carbohydrate per serving, derived from organic grass-fed beef fat and bone broth - two of the best nutrients for boosting ketone production and enhancing longevity.


Did you know that a high-carb diet and excessive sugar consumption can actually hasten aging processes throughout the body and lead to overeating?(3) Contrast that with the filling fats and protein in this keto product that helps naturally curb your cravings for sugar. This makes Fat Bomb the perfect way to control your appetite throughout the day, especially when you’re on a low-calorie diet.


Fat Bomb contains premium organic ingredients and none of the artificial junk that only takes away from your health and performance goals. This ensures that this ketogenic product is friendly for virtually all health-conscious lifestyles and has a low allergy potential.


Unlike many nutritional supplements, Fat Bomb (and all Axis Labs products) are produced in the USA in a GMP-certified facility with purity and potency guaranteed. This ensures that each bottle of Fat Bomb contains only the best ingredients on the market.


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