CBD Calming Shots Piña Colada 30mg

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CBD Calming Shots: Calming Blend, Sugar Free:

Axis Labs' CBD Shot is a great way to feel the full benefits of CBD quickly and easy. Our blend has hemp extract contains 30mg of CBD per 2oz bottle.

Each case comes with 12 ready to drink shots; Designed for those who want to bring the affects of CBD with them wherever they are. Fits great in a pocket, or purse.


The Benefits of CBD

Medical studies have suggested that CBD has a multitude of benefits for various health conditions. Cannabidiol has also become vastly popular among medical marijuana patients that are bothered by the psychoactive effects of marijuana or do not wish to inhale smoke.


3rd Party Test Results that you can see!

Every lot of Axis Labs CBD is 3rd party tested for purity and potency. When you receive your bottle, scan the QR code on the back. You'll be directedhereto a page on this website. Read the lot code on the bottle and find the corresponding test result. 

Proven Calming Ingredients with no THC:

This Pina Colada CBD Shot was designed for its calming/relaxing affects with ingredients like Chamomile, L-Taurine and L-Theacrine. Not to mention there is zero sugar in this product, making it calorie free.

We're proud to say all of our products are made here in the US. We're also happy to announce that this particular product is free of any THC and follows GMP compliance to ensure you get the best out of every shot! So what are you waiting for? Order yourself a 12 pack today!



CBD Calming Shot Certificate of Analysis


Formulated for life

The pinnacle of performance includes mind, body and spirit. Find relief, maximize your workouts, lose body fat, balance all your body systems. Axis Labs is here for everything you need.