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Axis Labs Adipo-X PM Capsules: Night-Time Fat Loss

SLEEP & BURN FAT- Fat loss is not just for day time anymore

What is better than burning body fat just during the day?  Burning Body Fat 24-hours a day!

All of us want it, that amazing looking body. We all know it comes from shedding that extra layer of body fat so the muscles we have so diligently been working on every time we train can really pop. Imagine this scenario; you take a 100% stimulant-free fat burner right before you go to bed. During the night, key ingredients help liberate, transport, and burn fat; all while you sleep! The next morning, you wake up a bit leaner and well on your way to a fully chiseled bod.

Fortunately, you don’t have to imagine this scenario; you can live it with Adipo-X PMAdipo-X PM was exclusively formulated with three, well-researched ingredients shown to support body composition on multiple fronts. Even better, these ingredients engage the body’s biological, fat burning systems without stimulant products.

It works like this:

  • First, lipids (fats) are “diverted” from fat cells by promoting a fat-regulating hormone that may reduce initial fat storage!
  • Next, lipids are coaxed from fat cells to become free fatty acids (FFAs) that can enter circulation.
  • Then, these FFAs are shuttled into the fat-burning epicenters of cells, the mitochondria, where they are incinerated for fuel.

Incredible, a truly effective body fat supplement that helps complete the thermogenic cycle. Long after the effects of a daytime thermogenic have worn off; Adipo-X PM carries the fat-burning torch. This enables anyone who is hell-bent on achieving results, the power to manage their physique-transforming regimen, around the clock.

This is a truly powerful proposition. We are suggesting that goal-oriented fitness enthusiasts and athletes can finally be in much better control of their weight management and fat loss success. Let’s make this really simple. Adipo-X PM is a fully functional, night-time fat burning system that works while you sleep. This means your fat burning potential can remain in high gear for much longer than you ever thought possible.

To make this even better, Adipo-X PM helps you burn the fat without trying to alter your sleeping schedule or patterns. Adipo-X PM does not pretend to fix your night-time rest by adding ingredients “designed” to improve your sleeping; which can actually have an adverse effect. Your restful nights are kept in tact and fat regulating hormones keep raging on.

The Secret To Burning Fat All Day Long

It’s really simple; make the most of your sleeping hours by engaging your PM fat-burning potential with Adipo-X PM. For those of you seeking a deeper dive into the Adipo-X PM formula, the following information is just for you.

The Adipo-X PM secret is a precise blend of three, key ingredients; raspberry ketones, L-Carnitine, and a healthy dose of Vitamin C.

Raspberry ketones are believed to promote an important fat-regulating hormone called adiponectin. In the body, when levels of adiponectin increase, body fat composition tends to decrease. By promoting adiponectin, raspberry ketones may help inhibit fat storage. Second, raspberry ketones may help stimulate the release of fat from cells. Third, raspberry ketones are believed to promote increased fat burning.

L-Carnitine is a specialized amino acid that helps transport free fatty acids (like those released from fat cells) into the “energy furnaces” of cells. These “energy furnaces”, the mitochondria, are where raw fuel, like fats, is burned for fuel. This is an awesome function. Think about it – while you are deep in restorative sleep, L-Carnitine may be hard at work shuttling freed fats into active cells for incineration. This ingredient is one of the reasons this fat loss product is so effective.

So, what does Vitamin C have to do with all of this? Primarily, Vitamin C is a key ingredient of Adipo-X PM due to its free radical-scavenging, antioxidant power. This is an important consideration for anyone who exercises, particularly those who train with intensity. Here’s why; intense exercise, in particular, tends to increase free radicals. Free radicals, as you may well know, can attack healthy cells – like hard-earned muscle. Why not help protect lean muscle while you sleep?

Adipo-X PM is the only choice for serious athletes who seek ‘round-the-clock’, lean physique-supporting fat loss supplementation to complete their fat-burning cycle. Because it is completely stimulant-free, Adipo-X PM is also an ideal fit for athletes sensitive to caffeine and other like ingredients.

Want the ultimate fat-burning stack? Try fully charged, Synthalean Advanced Fat-Loss Technology during the day to rev up your fat-igniting metabolism, followed by Adipo-X PM to at bedtime to keep your fat-burning potential in high gear.

Now, what are you waiting for? Supplies of Adipo-X PM are in high demand and moving fast.

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