Low-Stim Fat Loss Stack

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Best Low-Stim Free Fat Burner Stack

This is a triple-factor solution for engaging the major pathways that support a lean, fit physique; all without the worry of over stimulating yourself.

First, we provide a high potency, premium quality Citrus Omega with triple strength EPA/DHA supports overall fitness, inside and out. DHA/EPA oils, like those found in Citrus Omega, promote improved cardiovascular health, body fat reduction, reduced cholesterol and fat absorption, plus joint health.

Next, we include the new precision formulated water loss agent from Axis Labs potentially shows results in as little 12 hours and helps with a shredded appearance in 72 hours! Whether you are a bodybuilder or figure athlete preparing for a competition or you need to lose additional pounds of subcutaneous water by the weekend, look no further than Axis Labs XTRACT.

The reason this is called the Low-Stim Fat Loss Stack is becaue Xtract contains a small amount of caffeine to draw excess water weight out of the body. Xtract contains 75mg of cafeine per serving, about the amount in a small (6oz) cup of coffee.

Finally, ADIPO-X PM NIGHT-TIME FAT LOSS functions as the perfect complement to a Non-Stimulant fat-burning regimen by helping you burn the fat without trying to alter your sleeping schedule or patterns. Adipo-X PM does not pretend to fix your night-time rest by adding ingredients “designed” to improve your sleeping; which can actually have an adverse effect. Your restful nights are kept in tact and fat regulating hormones keep raging on.

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The pinnacle of performance includes mind, body and spirit. Find relief, maximize your workouts, lose body fat, balance all your body systems. Axis Labs is here for everything you need.


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