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The Ultimate Shred Stack


This is a triple-factor solution for engaging the major pathways that support a lean, fit physique. First, high-powered SYNTHALEAN aggressively attacks body fat on multiple fronts. Key ingredients in this dynamic formula help to burn fat, inhibit fat storage, help preserve lean muscle and control hunger cravings.

Next CLA Softgels are the perfect non-stimulant fat burning supplement. CLA Softgels support lean muscle development while also attributing to fat metabolism in the body, allowing you to feel strong and healthy even during dieting. CLA aids weight loss and reduces fat storage by and improving the way your body utilizes the food/fuel you eat. This inhibits fat from being transported into fatty adipose storage-cells and preventing the body's cellular fat from accumulating or increasing in size.

Finally, Adipo-X PM helps you burn the fat without trying to alter your sleeping schedule or patterns. Long after the effects of a daytime thermogenic have worn off; Adipo-X PM carries the fat-burning torch. This enables anyone who is hell-bent on achieving results the power to manage their physique-transforming regimen around the clock. Adding Adipo-X PM to this triple powerhouse stack is the only choice for serious athletes who seek ‘round-the-clock’, lean physique-supporting supplementation to complete their fat-burning cycle.