Importance of Protein

Many bodybuilders do not gain the amount of muscle mass they are striving for because they simply don’t recognize the importance of getting enough protein. Protein is one of the key nutrients that need to be present in the diet of a bodybuilder at all times in order for muscle gain to take place. It is amazing how a great deal of people purchase hundreds and hundreds of dollars on that “miracle” supplement and they do not get even half the amount of protein their body needs to gain any muscle. These people are wasting their money. All the supplements in the world do not make up for lack of nutrition and protein.

Building muscle is about protein balance. If you make more muscle protein than you break down, your muscles will increase in size and strength. However, if you make less muscle protein than you break down, your muscles will tend to get weaker and smaller. Thus, a positive protein balance indicates an anabolic state. Since protein contains nitrogen, protein balance can be estimated by measuring nitrogen balance.

To improve nitrogen balance to promote growth you should follow some of these basics steps that can help make your body in a massive muscle building state.

* Consume adequate amounts of complete. This can be done through diet and through the incorporation of high quality protein supplements.

* Eat several small protein meals coupled with minimal amounts of high quality carbohydrates throughout the day to aid in transport and utilization.

* Avoid consuming low biological value proteins/poor quality proteins (most vegetables for example) that lack an optimal balance of the essential amino-acids.

* Eat sufficient amounts of low glycemic carbohydrates and “good” fats.

* Consume a liquid meal containing protein and carbohydrates immediately following training to saturate the muscles with amino-acids, and enhance protein synthesis.

* Directly before bed, consume a drink containing both whey and a slow release protein like micellar casein. The combination of these proteins will result in a slow steady release of amino acids during the fasting period.

* Do not overtrain. If training sessions are too frequent, protein might be used to fuel training efforts. If this occurs nitrogen balance will be reduced. If training continues, a negative nitrogen balance could arise causing a catabolic state.

* Train in a manner which stimulates the greatest amount of fibers with the least amount of muscle break-down. Studies show that such training creates an optimal an anabolic state and a positive nitrogen balance. Short intense training sessions using multiple movements, multiple angles, and varying speeds are good methods for achieving this state.

* Add high quality Protein Supplements into your plan as needed to maintain a positive nitrogen balance.

*Basic Steps taken from

In conclusion, do not underestimate the importance of proper diet and protein or you will find yourself wasting your time in the gym and wasting your money buying other supplements that are useless without protein intake.

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