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There is no other hormone in the body that stimulates muscle growth like testosterone. HyperTEST™ will naturally promote testosterone levels for an effective anabolic response.* HyperTEST™ is a comprehensive testosterone boosting complex. Prepare yourself for the ultimate new you; more lean mass and impressive strength gains.*

The scientifically engineered formula in HyperTEST™ utilizes a three tier system to maximize your results.

Three Tier System
  1. First the HyperLH™ Complex uses a full gram of pure Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris to optimize your body's own production of testosterone.*
  2. Second, the HyperFT™ Complex allows your body to free testosterone from binding proteins, enabling the anabolic hormones to stimulate muscle growth.*
  3. Third, HyperTEST™ has a unique Hyper Adaptogenic Complex™ that will help your body cope with stress and help promote muscle gains after strenuous exercise.*

The synergistic combination of these three complexes will turbo charge your testosterone production.*

Hyper-LH™ Complex

Optimize testosterone production with HyperLH™ Complex.*

The HyperLH™ Complex contains 1000 milligrams of pure Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris yielding ultra active levels of Saponins and Protodioscin. In order for the maximum anabolic response, it is imperative for testosterone production in your body to be at 100%.

Unfortunately, as we age, our natural testosterone production declines. Tribulus Terrestris supports healthy hormone profile by boosting testosterone levels via stimulation of the pituitary gland.* This stimulation has been suggested to promote the production and secretion of Leutinizing Hormone (LH), which leads to an increase in testosterone levels.* The Tribulus Terrestris plant has long history of use in traditional medicine around the world. Tribulus Terrestris has an excellent safety record and athletes have experimented with Tribulus Terrestris to boost testosterone levels, to support fat loss, to promote strength and overall athletic performance.*

Hyper-FT™ Complex

Free Bound Testosterone to support anabolism.*

Unfortunately testosterone is usually bound to carrier proteins in the body, and it cannot be anabolic when bound to these proteins. It must be free to travel into the cell nucleus to turn on the genes necessary for anabolism and muscle growth. The HyperFT™ complex enables your body to free testosterone from binding proteins increasing levels of free testosterone in your body.* By freeing the testosterone from binding proteins, it is able to elicit anabolic effects, and support muscle growth.* This is achieved by using powerful ingredients such as Avena Sativa, Eurycoma Longifolia (Long Jack) and ZMA.*

Hyper Adaptogenic Complex™

The Hyper Adaptogenic Complex™ helps your body deal with stress and promote muscle gains.*

The Hyper Adaptogenic Complex* in HyperTEST* supports the body's immune, endorcrine (hormone) and nervous systems.* Adaptogens rejuvenate tissues throughout the body and help to create a more anabolic environment.* Adaptogens have been suggested to shorten recovery time after prolonged workouts and to increase attention span, memory and strength.* Adaptogens are especially important for muscle recovery after exhaustive exercise and they may reduce recovery time.* Adaptogens also promote muscle energy production, glycogen synthesis in muscles and liver and muscle protein synthesis.*

Adaptogens act to restore hypothalamic and peripheral receptor sensitivity to the effects of hormones such as cortisol.* In this way, Adaptogens enable the body to mount an appropriate stress response.* The Adaptogenic Complex allows the athlete greater performance, supports recovery and a higher anabolic environment that is crucial to muscle growth.* It is time to awaken your body's own ability to produce testosterone for optimal muscle gains with Axis Labs™ HyperTEST™.*

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